Thursday, July 1, 2010

The cold weather is upon us and the shelter is not the perfect place for any of the dogs but especially the old dogs.  They are all given beds with blankets (even though some choose to destroy them overnight) and if we have the right sized jacket, they are also put on to keep them warmer.  Our older dogs are Wilbur, Eric and Dougal.  I took Dougal to Sanctuary Waters for a change of scenery last Sunday and he is just the sweetest little guy.  He travelled well in the car, did not react to birds, ducks or people and was a pleasure to take out.  He is about 11 yrs old and is looking for a kind person to take him home.  Just check him out
Also there are some photos of Wilbur and Misty in bed last Wed night. The photos are not too good but  gives an idea of how they are tucked up in bed for the cold nights.  If anyone would like to donate any jackets size 50cm and 55cm it would be grately appreciated.