Friday, April 9, 2010

Harper and Hooch, our older pooches have now gone to their new homes.  It is so good of people to take them into their homes so they can live out their remaining years in a home environment, instead of the refuge.  Both Hooch and Harper will repay the new owners with heaps of love. 

Now an update from Carol, one of our cat carers. 

Good news for our resident diabetic cat, Puss Cat.  He has found a wonderful foster home with Mick Ayling, who volunteers and does our gardens.  Puss Cat will be a wonderful companion!

We still have many kittens in both quarantine and the kitten sheds.  Many of them are getting "big", which we hope isn't a deterrent for taking them home as they are all still bundles of mischief and fun.

An update from one of our ex-APS kittens, Kinky:

It's Easter time here and it's almost as good as Christmas!  Although mum hasn't put up a large tree with toys on it, she has been buying something special.  She calls them Easter eggs, but they look heaps different than the normal eggs she buys.  The best thing about them is that they are covered in shiny gold wrappings.  I'm waiting for a chance when she isn't around to steal one and have a play.  Anything shiny has got to be good!  Mum and dad are also up to something else.  They have been buying things that aren't for us.  I think I heard them mention the word "puppy" once, but I don't know what a puppy is.  All I know is that it has a giant sized bed and that can't be good news.