Sunday, September 12, 2010


Eric had an outing to Brookland Greens with me on Saturday.  He was such a little man on a mission to see the world.  He could not get in the car quick enough, once in, stood up on the back seat looking out the back window in excitement.  I had to secure him to the back seat as I am sure he would have jumped around the car or into the front seat with me.  When we got to the park he walked well (although he did pull sometimes) and had great pleasure marking his territory on as many trees as he could.  We passed ducks, kids on bikes and skateboards as well as other dogs and he behaved himself, just showed interest but did not lunge or chase.  I tried to sit and have cuddles with him before we got into the car to go back to the shelter but Eric was not at all interested at this time, he preferred to check out the action going on around him.  I have never known a dog to be so interested in his surroundings.  He is different when going to bed at night in the shelter as he will happily have his jacket on (pj's), a rug over him and give kisses and cuddles.  He just doesn't have time for that sort of girly stuff when out.  This dear older man seems to get overlooked and it would be great to find him a home with someone who has energy (as he still does) to take him on walks but he would not suit anyone who has cats as they are not his favourite furry friends.