Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zander the cat, written by Shelagh

Zander is a courageous male ginger kitten who came to the refuge mid July at approximately 6 weeks of age and was seriously injured with a fractured pelvis. He spent the first week with our vet Shelley Wilson at her Bicton practice. When he came back to the refuge he was put on strict cage rest for the next eight weeks. (this certainly paid off as without any surgery his fractured pelvis healed and he can now walk and run, a miracle to see him now) The only time he had a little more room was when he was allowed his daily exercise hour in the cot which is twice the size of this cage. (such a shame for a young otherwise lively kitten) He was never happier than when chewing on your arm, taking out his frustration but he is a lovable little soul who you couldn't help but love.

The vet recently gave him the all clear to go up to the kitten shed which was fantastic news but he must have over done it and became unsteady on his back legs which worried us. He had to go back to the hospital cage for the vet to check him again to make sure he had not undone all the good work achieved over the nine weeks of cage confinement. Shelley advised us that Zander should have another week of cot rest just to see how he was going. Fortunately all was fine , he had just been a little too boisterous for his back legs. (who could blame him for he had a lot of lost time to make up) Zander has grown into a lovely, friendly handsome kitten who is now waiting for that very special home, preferably a quiet home without young children.

UPDATE: The vet recently x-rayed Zander's pelvis and although the pelvis has healed it is now deformed and has left him with a slight problem with his right leg but nothing that will bother him. To see him running around you wouldn't know he had a problem. Last weekend a special family came to the refuge and took Zander home. Even with his previous medical history they were more than happy to pay the usual price of $150.00. Miracles do happen and it is another story with a lovely outcome thanks to everyone who cared for him. May he have many happy years with his new loving family.