Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clare and I visited Roan at her home to see Georgie and her new friend, Hanna. No one would have thought that Georgie would have been able to share a home with another dog but it seems Georgie and Hanna get along well. Georgie has had one dose of chemo and at the present moment her lumps around her neck have gone down so it seems the chemo is working well. Of course, it could come back at any time but at the present moment she is happy in her new home and enjoying life. Here is a picture of Hanna and Georgie playing tug-o-war. Georgie had the stick and Hanna went over to take it off Georgie, hence the tug-o-war. No aggressiveness, just play. Hanna was a rescue dog as well and is such a gorgeous girl.